Trump to offer an amendment on guns in exchange of reversing gay-marriage and abortion...

The President Donald Trump is thinking on proposing a constitutional amendment that will solve three of the most conflict problems of US society. These are rumors we received from a very reliable source in The White House.
He will propose some limits on gun ownership, i.e. on Second Amendment. The idea is the first gun ownership to be guaranteed but the states to have the power to limit by law the number of owned guns and their types. I.e. some automatic weapons will be banned in some states.
In exchange Trump will require the marriage to be defined as "a union between a man and a woman". I.e. gay marriage goes out. Anyway in amendment will be granted to states the right to create another type of union with certain rights. I.e. the liberal states will be able to re-create the gay-marriage under another name.
Something similar is planned for abortion. It will be generally banned, but the states will have the power to legalize it by their legislation. This means that liberal states will allow abortion, while conservative will ban it.
The overall philosophy of planned changes is to return the power to the states.
This is the way to keep the union, thinks Trump. Otherwise we will become more and more divided and finally we will have another Confederation and may be a civil war.
Both parties will have to make some compromises, but also both will have some win on a major question.


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