The Ultimate Black Friday promotion - store offered Zero(0) price on unlimited buy-quantitiy of techs

The ultimate Black Friday promotion was issued in first hours of Nov 24th.
The Hi-Tech store named Bilboe's Mobs announced an absolute zero (0) price on all its items with unlimited buy-quantity.
You can have anything you want - from the latest Mac laptop to a simple $20 mobile phone without smartphone burden.
Bilboe's Mobs is located on 56 A.Schicklgruber Str. in the State of Kaiser capital cily Polpot on the Planet 3 of Alpha Centauri neighbour star.
Just a 5 minutes from you on a Warp 7.
"The gift-promotion is real. We hope on the enormous ad-effect of it that will bring us much paid customers in consecutive days", explained Mr. Michaels - owner of the store.


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