Han Solo resurrected in Episode 8, Jeff Bridges takes the role as a hostage of The First Order...

The most explosive surprise from the upcoming Episode 8 of Star Wars just leaked.
Han Solo - accepted by many of the fans as the most beloved hero of the saga, will not be dead. Instead he will be saved and played by Jeff Bridges.
As we saw in Episode 7, Solo was stuck with a light-saber by his son and then has fallen in a shaft below. Later the planet exploded.
But in the meantime there was a light-saber duel between Kylo Ren and Rey, and at the end both of them were saved.
The same obviously has happened to Captain Solo. The injury from the light-saber was not fatal. But when falling he received some injuries on the face that will leave scars for lifetime. These scars on the face of Bridges, combined with a beard, will make almost the same Solo as the one played by Harrison Ford.
The character this time will not have a main role. Instead he will be some kind of hostage of First Order, and may be planned for a greater restart in next episodes.


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